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Knight's Bridge, Diva Dance, Tipple & Crescent Moon

Knight’s Bridge, Diva Dance, Tipple & Crescent Moon


Zentangle Basics is the place to start because it is the prerequisite for all the other classes. I do honor Basics classes taken from other Certified Zentangle Teachers, so you have taken Zentangle Basics from another teacher, please contact me about waiving this requirement.

Each class includes all the materials you need for the class, so all you need to bring is your reading classes.

Bundle your classes and receive special savings:

  • Take a single class at the stated class price
  • Take two or more “Beyond the Basics” Classes (Tangle Library, Enhanced Shading or Complex Tangles) or  “Zentangle for Fun” classes (Zendalas, Renaissance or Black Tiles) and receive a bigger discount with each class you add. Details can be found on the “Zentangle Class Package Discounts” class page.
  • Zentangle Specialty classes are priced based on the cost of class materials, so discounts are not available for this series of classes at this time.
Tangle Like No One's Watching

Tangle Like No One’s Watching

The only prerequisite for my classes is Zentangle Basics. Once you have taken that class, you are ready to take any of the other classes that call to you.

If you are interested in developing a Zentangle practice, I recommend taking one Tangle Library class a month. In this way, you will be steadily adding to your tangle library in a focused way. It’s also fun to join with people who are learning at the same pace. In each class, I encourage students to bring any work they’ve completed, or that is in progress to share.

I’ve listed all the classes I teach below, so you can click on a class title to get more information about a specific class.

You can also see what’s offered this month by clicking on This Month’s Class Listing.


The Final Zendala!


Getting Started with the Basics




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  1. Beautiful art! I look forward to taking advantage of the meditative quality of Zentangle drawing!

    • Thanks, Stacy – I’m late in responding to your post – glad you were able to make it to class. See you at the Renaissance class on 9/22. It’s coming up quick!


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