Apr 022012
 I’ve admired Washi Paper since the first time I saw it, before I knew what it really
was. The colors are deep and bright, sometimes harmonious, other times dramatically contrasting. Colors I normally wouldn’t bring together are found side by side, blending perfectly. The papers are silkscreened and expensive, starting at about $10 per 24″x38″ sheet; the most I’ve paid is $32 for a very special sheet. Some
people use washi to wrap gifts, and it is very popular for oragami because it folds nicely. There is nothing like it.

I first used Washi Paper to make the square grid cards I will soon add to this website.
I found it to be beautiful and very easy to work with. After a short time, I began collecting it. The main challenge at that point was the cost and the fact that I couldn’t find a place to purchase smaller pieces – every business I encountered sold it by the sheet. From time to time I indulged in a sheet, and I’d make a few
cards, taking care to save even the smallest lovely paper scraps. Some of my papers are over ten years old, and they look as lovely as the day I purchased them.

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