Mar 012015
The view under the Ventura  Pier

The view under the Ventura Pier

So, 2015 is the year I committed to revitalizing my blog.  And that commitment raised a natural question: what’s the blog going to be about?

Yes, I’m an artist, and I can certainly blog about my latest creations, inspirations, art community happenings, etc.  That will be a good thing because it will prod me to continue to create new things, to seek new sources of inspiration and to be out and about in the art community. Good for me, good for my readers, good for my community.

But is that enough?

Limiting the blog to my artistic side presents only one facet of who I am. And there is a lot more to me than my artistic expression. So in contemplating this question, “What’s it all about?”, I have considered my experiences and feelings throughout the years I’ve been selling my work. A few things stand out:

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