Jun 302015

Every Monday, The Diva issues a Zentangle Challenge to all who are game. This time, the challenge was to do a “Tipple” Monotangle, and I had just done Tipple in tiles for my “Tangled Tangles” class. Here are two versions using Tipple and Mak-Rah-Mee (technically this tile has two tangles but I am considering it close enough for my first Challenge response.




Jun 262015

MosaicIf you’ve followed me for any length of time, you probably know that I recently expanded my business to add teaching Zentangle® classes and selling Zentangle® products. I attended the Zentangle® Teacher’s Certification program in Providence, Rhode Island last April and began teach in May. Since that time, several of my Chiyogami Mosaic enthusiasts have asked if I’m giving up Chiyogami Mosaics, so I wanted to clarify how my business is evolving.

Rest assured, I am not giving up Chiyogami Mosaics! What I am doing is finding ways of doing business closer to home.

I started doing a lot of shows in 2012, with most of them being a good two hours’ drive from my home. Several were in Southern California, and I even went to Las Vegas. I was gone a lot, and I missed a lot of gatherings with people who are near and dear to me. I especially missed Eric, my sweetie, and I missed my dog Gracie, too.

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