Mar 082015

A friend of mine recently posted some of her Zentangle practice on Facebook, and it was stunning! I know she has only been doing it for a short while, and to see how far she has come is inspiring.

Debbie's First Zentangle

Debbie’s First Zentangle

I have tried Zentangle before, and I didn’t get very far. Seeing how simple it looks initially inspired me to jump right in with both feet – who needs to read up on it? It looked easy – kinda like organized doodling.

So I tried it, and it was fun for a while. In a short while, something else caught my eye, and I moved on.

This is a classic mistake I make – I neglect to get a solid foundation before I start trying to build something. Instead of learning and honing the basics, I want to skip to mastery. I try to run before I’ve mastered walking.

Debbie's Second Zentangle

Debbie’s Second Zentangle

I know that mastery comes from understanding and practicing the basics so often and so completely that utilizing them becomes second nature. So, when I was inspired by my friend’s Tangles, I decided to give Zentangle another try using a different approach.

I decided to read the instructions! I looked into the intention of the creators of the process. I was very impressed by what I learned about the practice, and when I made my first attempts in the spirit intended by the creators, I had an entirely different experience.

The two tangles I’ve included in this article are my first two attempts on March 7, the day this newsletter was written. They were fun, and they took a lot longer than I thought they would. I read the directions, watched the video and took my time.

I’m going to have to try this approach more often.


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