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Completed Calabash Gourd

Completed Calabash Gourd

Of course you can Zentangle a gourd!

Every year Food for Thought, one of our local nonprofit organizations, holds a Calabash Gourd, Art and Garden Celebrations. For several years now, I’ve wanted to donate a gourd for their silent auction, but somehow, I have consistently missed the deadline for applications – until this year! I squeaked my application in right under the wire.

Being a newcomer to the world of gourds, I took advantage of Food For Thought’s free gourd workshop for those intending to donate a gourd. I had no idea so much was involved in preparing a gourd! It took quite a bit to prepare the surface for what was to come.

And then there was deciding … what was to come?

There we were – me and my chosen gourd. It waited in anticipation of what I would do to it. Finally, I took up my pen and began.

Calabash Gourd Bottom

Calabash Gourd Bottom

My first row of Cubine was fairly even as shown by this photo of the gourd bottom.

I very quickly realized that keeping my rows even would make me crazy. So, I decided to embrace the curves, and I deliberately made my Cubine rows very curvy. The result is shown above – before it was polished shiny new (I forgot to take that photo!).

I will update this post when that photo is available. For now, here are photos of the completed Zentangled gourd, minus the polish.

I have donated this gourd to the Calabash Celebration fundraiser, so it will be included in the silent auction.

If you are in or near Sebastopol on October 4, come on over to Food for Thought from 1:00 pm to 5:00 pm for the Calabash Celebration. My gourd will be one of many up for auction, and you can take a tour of Food for Thought’s beautiful organic garden. There will be a sumptuous array of fine food and wine from Sonoma County’s bountiful harvest, and music played on hand-made gourd instruments. It promises to be a great time!

Tickets are $45 in advance or $50 on the day of the event. Food For Thought is located at 6550 Railroad Avenue, between First and Forestville Streets, in Forestville, California. Here is a link to a Map and Directions.


  11 Responses to “Can you Zentangle a gourd?”

  1. Beautiful gourd! I am sure is will auction off really well!

    • Thanks, Kate. The gourd did get purchased for $195, which surprised me. The money went to a very good cause, so that is wonderful.

  2. Beautifully done. I’m certain your donation is very much appreciated. The Cubine is perfect!

    • Thanks, Jean! I decided to “embrace the curves,” which made it easier than if I’d stuck with straight lines. Overall, I find that curvy lines are more interesting.

  3. What an amazing Gourd. I find Cubine quite hard to do on paper let alone on a rounded article. I would buy that at an auction. Interesting blog.

  4. I love your tangled gourd! I know someone will want to give it a good home!

  5. A very good idea! Your gourd is fabulous!!

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