Jun 262015

MosaicIf you’ve followed me for any length of time, you probably know that I recently expanded my business to add teaching Zentangle® classes and selling Zentangle® products. I attended the Zentangle® Teacher’s Certification program in Providence, Rhode Island last April and began teach in May. Since that time, several of my Chiyogami Mosaic enthusiasts have asked if I’m giving up Chiyogami Mosaics, so I wanted to clarify how my business is evolving.

Rest assured, I am not giving up Chiyogami Mosaics! What I am doing is finding ways of doing business closer to home.

I started doing a lot of shows in 2012, with most of them being a good two hours’ drive from my home. Several were in Southern California, and I even went to Las Vegas. I was gone a lot, and I missed a lot of gatherings with people who are near and dear to me. I especially missed Eric, my sweetie, and I missed my dog Gracie, too.

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Mar 152015

I have developed a new shorter workshop for prior workshop attendees. This workshop focuses on making smaller, 2×3″ mosaics that can then be made into cards. Here is a brief description of the workshop:

Get Carded!

Join me for a morning or afternoon (or both!) of Chiyogami/Washi Paper mosaic card making.  The studio will be setup just like the full Mosaic workshop, and includes iced tea and light snacks. The course fee includes all the materials needed to make as many 2”x3” mosaics  as you can during the session, plus the cardstock, liner paper and envelopes to complete the cards. This size is perfect for cards or group wall hangings, and it is the same size as the ones you did at your first workshop.  Spraying will occur every ½ hour, with the last spraying occurring ½ hour before the end of the session. As with the original workshop, you can finish your cards, tidy up your work area or shop while you are waiting for the last of your mosaics to be sprayed and aired out.

Separate morning and afternoon sessions will be held. Join me for both and a complimentary salad bar lunch is included. Call (707) 546-4550 to register.

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