Apr 242017

As luck would have it, I’ve been working on an “Organic Tangles” class, so this is a tile I completed just last week. I wasn’t consciously inspired by the upcoming Earth Day, but perhaps unconsciously …

Here’s Rixty, Trumpits, Reef, Rox and Tipple in honor of Earth Day.

Diva Challenge #313: Honor Earth (aka Amanda)

  16 Responses to “Diva Challenge #313: Honor the Earth (aka Amanda)”

  1. Very nice flowing organic tangles. The little Tipple makes it look like an underwater scene!

  2. Beautiful! Light and delicate! Terrific shading! 🙂

  3. I love the simplicity of this tile. The Rixty looks like a kite which the wind is taking away.

    • I like the comparison to a flying kite. I never saw it that way (until now)! You are the second person to see a flying kite.

  4. Really nice, like flying a kite on a sunny day

  5. Great Amanda Earth Day tile Debbie. I love how the trumpets come out of Rixty. And your Reef is so Earthy. And I still love how you leave open space. It really sets off the tangles. I’ll learn this eventually! LOL

  6. this is really lovely! so elegant and simple, yet your shading and the tiny tipple detail bring it to life;-)

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