Mar 102012

Dragonflies (8"x10") Washi Paper Mosaic

Dragonflies (8"x10") Washi Paper Mosaic

Dragonflies shows a lot more contrast than its cousin Meander (14×18″) does, with less subtle transitions from the dark black with gold Kanji outer layer to the lighter blue dragonflies washi paper closer to the center. I enjoy the way the dragonflies are highlighted; it is both soothing to view from a distance and whimsical to examine up close, whether the dragonflies are more evident. This “Eclipse” style is meant to pull the eye, as well as one’s awareness, inward, to mesmorize and to invite the viewer to linger.

  2 Responses to “Dragonflies Mosaic, 8″x10″”

  1. HI, I saw your work, about 8 X 10 lovely pieces in Rascals Hair salon, on 10th Street, Santa Rosa, CA. I had my hair cut & colored on Thursday 5/2/13. How lovely they are……especially the one in the bathroom near the sink. Blues & greens, etc. One day we plan to have a bathroom redone. One of your pieces would be so lovely in the new room. It will be at least 3-4 months before it’s done.

    I have been reading about your work on your site here. Facinating. Take Care. Deborah McCann

    • Thank you for your kind words, Deborah. I’m glad you enjoyed the blog, and I plan to add more soon. Stay tuned …


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