About Washi Paper Boxes

My Washi Paper Boxes are hand-covered in Washi/Chiyogami Paper, with layers covered either with Chiyogami Paper, fine art paper or fine stationery.  The approximate dimensions of the boxes are shown in the specific gallery pages for each size.

Washi Paper Boxes are presented by size and shape, and can be viewed in the following galleries:

My Inspiration for Washi Paper Boxes

Several years ago I learned a lively vocal warm up exercise called “The Box Factory” when I completed the “Dale Carnegie Effective Speaking and Human Relations Course.” It talks about boxes of all sizes: big boxes, small boxes and tiny-tiny little boxes, and as the speaker worked through the warmup exercise, the voice was to change from deep-pitch for the big boxes to high-pitched for the tiny boxes. It was a challenging talk to recite, and I will never forget the experience of doing it in front of my 40 classmates.

Little did I know then that boxes would figure so large in my life.

After creating several washi mosaics, I found that I was left with large pieces of Washi Paper, and I began looking for other ways to use it. My dear friend, Susan, gave me a small scrapbook paper covered box and suggested that I might want to try using my Washi Paper to create similar boxes. I wasn’t thrilled with the idea, yet with her encouragement, I began began some preliminary designs.

Before long, I found myself beginning with boxes to see how the various washi papers came together. Since that time, my Washi Paper Boxes have become more and more prominent in my business as visitors to my booth have become as enchanted with them as I am. I have added sizes and shapes, and I was honored to be commissioned to create an urn to hold cremains.



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