About Washi Paper Mosaics

My framed 16×20″ Washi Paper mosaics are matted with 8-ply, 100% black cotton rag mats and placed in solid wood frames. Rather than use the off-the-shelf glass the frames come with, my framed 16×20″ pieces are upgraded to UV protective museum glass that blocks about 99% of the UV rays. Even with this protection, it is best to display the mosaics out of direct sunlight, just like you would with any piece of fine art.

The paper I use is Japanese Chiyogami, which is a type of Washi Paper. The white base paper used to be made by hand, and it is now made by machine. The white base papers are hand silk-screened with acrylic paint in a labor intensive process that can be viewed in this YouTube video. Chiyogami is a very resilient, long-lasting paper.

The mosaics are finished with an acrylic finish to seal and protect it.

Here are the specific dimensions for these mosaics:

  • Outside Frame Dimensions: 19 3/8″ x 23 3/8″
  • Mat Size: 16″ x 20″


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  • Biggest Wave
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