Apr 142013

Boy, I got lucky!

Last July, I decided that I needed more shelves in my booth for boxes because they have become so popular. Shortly after that, I walked past my “dream booth” at an event in Los Altos, and I noticed that the shelving was different from what I had seen. I had chatted with these vendors before, and I knew they had two identical booths because they did shows together and separately. When I asked her about the shelves, she explained that they had them custom made. She then told me that she and her husband would no longer be doing shows separately, so — be still my heart — they were selling one of their booths. She said it was just like the one I was looking at, only dark gray. They hadn’t yet advertised it.

Soooooo … one thing led to another …. and my new booth debuted at the Montgomery Village Earth Day/Day on the Green Celebration on April 13. Boy, is she pretty.  The shelves hold more boxes and they break the booth down into smaller viewing areas so that each piece of artwork has space to breathe.  I think the gray also accentuates the art better than the color of the other booth. What do you think?

So look for me in my new gray booth at upcoming events and festivals. I hope you like my new look as much as I do.

My New Booth!

My New Booth!



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