Jul 142015

Simplify – that’s what I say I want to do in life. When presented with the Diva’s challenge to simplify and use only 3 tangles or less, it really was a challenge! So, here we go – and some of you might recognize this …


Diva's Challenge #226: Simplify

  8 Responses to “The Diva’s 7/13/15 Zentangle Challenge #226: Simplify, Using 3 or Fewer Tangles”

  1. very nice tile, flux is one of my favorite pattern

  2. I love the dark frame around this!

    • Thanks, Annemarie! It felt ungrounded without the border. I like the way it finishes it, too.

  3. I like your tile, its clear and – in the best sense – simple structure meets this week’s challenge very well.

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