Jul 062015

Every Monday, The Diva issues a Zentangle Challenge to all who are game. This time, the challenge is to use color.

It has been years since I worked with paint, crayon, pastel, etc. Color !!?!

I gave it my best shot, also challenging myself to use my Inktense pens for the first time. Here you go!

Fengle, Sprinkle, Poke Root, Inktense pencils

Fengle, Sprinkle, Poke Root, Inktense pencils


  32 Responses to “The Diva’s 7/5/15 Zentangle Challenge #225: Using Color”

  1. I love your tangle – great composition and it looks like u use color all the time 🙂

    • Thanks, Ilse! I primarily use Japanese paper, so it has been years since I picked up a paintbrush or colored pencils. I really love the Inktense pencils.

  2. I love your pokeroot. They look like juicy cherries. I think I’m going to have to look at those inktense pencils 🙂

  3. Scrumptious, I could eat it all up. Gorgeous colours

    • Thanks! The Inktense pencils are easy to work with and the colors are gorgeous. Thanks for looking.

  4. You’d never know you haven’t been working with shading and colors for years on end. So pretty!

  5. wow, this is gorgeous

  6. Your Fengle looks gorgeous! As does your whole tile 🙂

  7. Absolutely beautiful tile!

  8. These are lovely colors! Love the center to!

  9. That is beautiful I’m imagining a set of coasters. Vibrant.

  10. Wow, I love this! The shining cherries are great

  11. You need to make prints of this….gorgeous work!

  12. Such an artful tile. Very beautiful and harmonic in the shapes and the colors. Reminds me of an ancient and valuable porcellain plate, like a fruit platter maybe.

  13. Beautifully done! Such a pretty tile – it would be a lovely tray or coasters.

    • Thanks, Sue – I haven’t yet learned how to transform the tiles into more useful objects such as coasters. I’m eager to give that a try!

  14. Really like your tile. Could be a coaster or a trivet. Your work with the Inktense pencils looks very smooth. I can never get mine to look that smooth. Did you blend them or just wet them. Like the Highlights in your Poke Root.

    • Thanks, Donald. I used the Inktense both dry and wet. I started using them dry on the paper – some needed a bit of help to get going (i.e., pressing hard on a scratch paper). I blended with water & then while it was still wet, I applied more Inktense. I applied the Inktense over graphite shading, and the white highlights on the Poke root were accomplished using a white gel pen. I tapped the tip of the pen in a small circle and then blotted it with the tip of my finger. I tapped on more white to get the effect of diffused white around a very white highlight. I hope that makes sense – reply if not.

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