Aug 142015

Here you go – a Zendala challenge. At first, this seemed to be all lines. The center wanted to be black, so I filled it in at the last moment. Tangles include InAPod, Finery, Stripes & Simply Black. Enjoy – I sure did.


The Diva's Challenge #230: Guest Blogger Zendala

The Diva’s Challenge #230: Guest Blogger Zendala

  18 Responses to “The Diva’s Challenge #230: Guest Blogger Zendala”

  1. LOL, I love your new tangle – Simply Black 🙂 beautifully drawn Zendala

  2. this is awesome, i love the shading

  3. Beautiful zendala! Your line work is exquisite.

    • Thanks you Michele. I usually try for more variety in shapes, and in this case, I went with lines & it seemed to work.


  4. Love the organic feel of your zendala! Beautiful shading too.

  5. Wonderful zendala! Great use od Finery!

    • Thank you – it reminds me of a feather in this one. Interesting how the tangles can morph depending on how they are used.


  6. Nice work. I love the dark center it really pulls your eye in

    • Thank you! It’s funny – I really didn’t know what to do in the center and what I tried at first really didn’t please me at all. It was either a big Bronx Cheer or black. Black it is!


  7. Very beautiful, I like the dark center.

  8. I love the silvery look your shading gives this. I also love how you listened to your tangles and filled in the center. Very effective contrast. This is beautiful!

  9. This is fabulous! I’m new to Zentangle and am learning so much. Your zentangle is very inspiring to me. I’m taking a class with Deborah this weekend and can’t wait!

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