Sep 042015

Ok, this one is a little different. I had already started a tile with Quib, and then I added Inapod, which made my Quib look like overlapped mouths and teeth. I added Twing, and then saw the challenge. I wasn’t sure what else to add, so I added Zenith. Different … it’s growing on me.

Diva's Challenge #233: Zenith

Diva’s Challenge #233: Zenith

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  1. I love how the Zenith echoes the Twing. They really look great with your Inapod (you should post that on the Square One FB page, as that is the new focus!) Your shading is wonderful, and I love how you didn’t feel obligated (like literal minded me) to make every point the same and make the whole thing symmetrical. Love this!

  2. Lovely! I like the black lining.

  3. Oops ! Hit the enter button by mistake.

    Hi Deborah. I love how you used the new tangle Zenith. I’ve been watching The Diva’s Challenge but haven’t posted anything yet. I live in Santa Rosa, well, Windsor. I would love to meet you one of these days.

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