Jan 242016

The Diva’s challenge this week (#251) is to use the Moebius Syndrome Foundation as a “string” and create a Zentangle tile or Zendala, incorporating the Moebius Syndrome Foundation color purple if desired. The Diva’s youngest son Artoo was diagnosed with Moebius Syndrome when he was born.

When I read the challenge, I must confess I didn’t know what Moebius Syndrome is. From the Diva’s post, I learned that it is a congenital nerve disorder affecting cranial VI and VII nerves controlling the lateral movement of the face. Artoo sure is a cute little guy!

I found the logo challenging in an Escher sort of way, with its twists and turns. Here it is, posted just as Moebuis Awareness Day begins at 12:22 a.m. on Sunday, January 25, 2016. Note the purple chop ….


Diva Challenge #251 - Moebius Awareness Tile

Diva Challenge #251 – Moebius Awareness Tile

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  1. I really love this tile and your shading is great.

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