Feb 092016

In response to the Diva’s Challenge #254 to create a tile with Valentine Flair, I submit the tile below. These are some of the tangles we will be learning in Tangle Library 2 this month.




  12 Responses to “The Diva’s Challenge #254: Valentangle”

  1. Love the Dragonaire around the edge of your heart and the lovely shading overall. Beautiful tile!

  2. What very clever shading and the red tints really standout. Great tipple bubbling about in the middle, is that the blood swishing all around 😀

  3. very nice tile, beautiful composition, love the shadow you put on, I can see it is made with love!

  4. How beautiful and I love just the little touch of red you added … perfection in every way!

  5. Very nice tile!

  6. Gorgeous tile! The shading is great and I love the patterns you chose:-)

  7. Wow, There is great depth in your tile. I love Tipple in it too.

  8. Absolutely beautiful tile!

  9. I really like your tile – it’s both tough and sweet!

  10. Hi Debbie! I love your Valentangle. There’s just the right amount of red in it to make it stand out. I finally got mine posted. I used Dragonair too. A fun tangle. But my tile is much different than yours. I really like how yours came out.

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