Sep 242016

It’s been quite a while since I checked in on the Diva to see what the challenge of the week is. I saw a posting from another CZT about “tangling like no one’s watching,” and since I like to “dance like no one’s watching,” I was intrigued. As per the challenged, I’m posting a tile I did just for me.

This tile is different in that I challenged myself to move away from my usual strings and just make a big curvy overlapping line. I had been wanting to work with Eni Oken’s tangle “Trigue,” so I played around with very large tangles. I settled on Knight’s Bridge (one of my favorite go-to tangles) and Ambler (from my latest Tangle Library Class). The white space seemed to create itself.

This was fun!

Tangle Like No One's Watching

Tangle Like No One’s Watching

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  1. Hi Debbie! I love how the white space showed up like that. This is a very relaxing tile. Nice to see what you’ve been doing.


  2. I really love the way this one is composed. Simple yet it has a lot of visual interest!

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