Zentangle for the Holidays



Holiday Tangles!

Holiday Tangles!

Join me as we explore incorporating Zentangle tangles in your holidays!

In this class, we will learn 7 tangles that can easily be used to create holiday tiles and decorations. We will then incorporate color using Prismacolor pencils and explore techniques for creating ornaments and cards. We will also focus how to use color with Zentangle tangles in a way that creates beauty, depth and dimension.

Because this class moves beyond traditional Zentangle, I will have templates available for use in drawing stars and circles to allow us to focus on tangling and color, rather than worrying about drawing challenging shapes. I will also show you a method for transferring these shapes onto Zentangle tiles and Zendalas that will open a whole new world of possibility to you (if you don’t know the technique already!).

You will leave this class with completed work as well as work in progress. All materials are provided for the projects in class, and additional materials will be available for purchase if desired.

As with all my classes, Zentangle Basics is the required prerequisite, and everything needed beyond the tools you’ve already received is included in the class price (including mini-Prismacolor pencils for the class tiles).

Please note that the class fee does include the mini Prismacolor pencils you will need in class, and that no further purchase is required.

Price:  $50 (includes mini Prismacolor pencils)

Please remember to bring your pens, pencil & tortillion from your Basics class! If you forget or new new ones, I will have them available for sale.

To find the next available class, go to the Full Class Listing page.

You can also call me at (707) 546-4550 if you have any questions, or if you want to reserve your spot in one of these workshops. Prepayment is required in the form of a check mailed to my studio.

  4 Responses to “Zentangle for the Holidays”

  1. Hello Debbie,
    I was looking forward to taking your Holiday and Nautilus class but find I am unavailable for both those class dates. So sorry… At the moment I am trying to make time to create some ZT Christmas cards to send.
    Hope to work with you sometime after January. Christmas Blessings! Star

    • I just sent you an email – I’ve had a website malfunction, and I didn’t receive notice of your inquiry. My apologies!

  2. Hi Deborah,
    I just love receiving your newsletter (as I’ve told you before) and read every line. I am so envious of all those great classes in California. Have you ever considered offering an occasional class online? I would sure love to participate.
    Thanks for the beautiful video with Elton John. I hope you have a Merry Christmas and that the whole world experiences more kindness, peace, and compassion in the new year.
    Jenni Johns in NM

    • Hi, Jennifer,

      If you are interested in a Zentangle class, yes, I could do that. I will email you with details.

      Happy Holidays,


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