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Tangle Library - Mooka!

Tangle Library – Mooka!

I offer a series of “Tangle Library” sections that can be taken in any order. Each of the Four Tangle Library sections are named for a single tangle in the class so that you won’t take the same Tangle Library Section twice unless you want to! Each of the sections is different, with different tangles and a variety of approaches and strings. You can take one or all of the sections. The same section will be offered a couple times a month.

In these classes, we will focus on building up your “Tangle Library” by on learning up to 12 different tangles. We will be working with the smaller Bijou tiles and regular tiles, and learning a simple, fun way to take the guesswork out of the “Where to I begin?” dilemma that many of us face when we leave a class. As with all my other workshops, all materials are included in the course fee.

This is a great workshop for expanding your tangles and getting really familiar with the tangles you learn!

NEW IN 2016: The class now includes examples of tiles you can complete with the tangles you learned in class, so you will leave with a series of samples ready for you to work with, in addition to the fun, simple approach taught in class.

The course fee is $40 and includes the tiles you will need in class.

Please remember to bring your pens, pencil & tortillion from your Basics class! If you forget or new new ones, I will have them available for sale.

To find the next available class, go to the Full Class Listing page.

You can also call me at (707) 546-4550 if you have any questions, or if you want to reserve your spot in one of these workshops. Prepayment is required in the form of a check mailed to my studio.

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