I have developed a new Zentangle Class Rewards Program!
Essentially, once you’ve attended Basics, you will receive an Exultation Arts “token” for each class afterwards that has a value of $5.00 in the Exultation Arts store. The “token” spends like cash and can be used to offset the cost of any class, workshop or product in the Exultation Arts Store.
Tuck them in your wallet and let them accumulate, or spend them as you go – it’s all up to you.  Just don’t lose them, because they are like cash!
If you’re wondering about the “Token” image: this comes from the very first Zendala class I taught, and I applied color afterwards. I had just recently been certified as a Zentangle Teacher, and I surprised myself with this one. Zentangle continues to delight and surprise me to this day. It’s amazing what you can do if you slow it down and focus on one pen stroke at a time.



  One Response to “Zentangle Class Discounts”

  1. Hi, Deborah,
    I have a few questions about the basic zentangle workshop on Sat. I notice that you call it Zentangle Basics. Other Zentangle instructors I have seen on the internet call it Zentangle 101. What’s the reason for the different name i.e. is there different content in your class vs. the Zentangle 101 class (if you know). Also, I did notice that many charge $40 and you charge $43. Any reason for that?

    Lastly, are you still enrolling students in your class this Sat., 5/28?

    Thank you, Lisa

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