I am self-taught – or rather, a good friend taught me on glorious afternoons at her home & mine. Thus, my art is the result of many years’ experimentation, my lifetime’s dabbling in various mediums, a passionate love affair with chiyogami (better known as washi paper), & a wonderful friend who shared her knowledge & art supplies freely.

Thank you, Susan!

I did study art in high school & intended to make it my college major. Sadly, I had an unfortunate experience with my advanced art class teacher in high school; the experience was so devastating that I packed up my art materials at the end of that class & did not open them up again for over 20 years.

They waited for me while I made practical career decisions, telling myself that I wouldn’t have made a good starving artist. I started in banking, spent several years as a paralegal, had a short stint in Human Resources & worked for several years in the high-tech sector.

Art beckoned throughout my life – the more linear my pursuits (as in computer programming), the more the craving for artistic outlets. The practical pursuits simply did not satisfy.

In 2005, I attended a brown-bag lunch “Job Search” series that ended up being a step into finding the work that one is born to do. This was a pivotal point for me & I began experimenting with Chiyogami.

That experimentation led to many hours in my studio, the purchase of a pop-up canopy & propanels, applications to many art festivals & open studio events – it became an entirely new existence!

In 2009, I began selling my art through local & Bay Area fairs & festivals. I have now shown & sold my work in cafes, gift shops & galleries and local Open Studio events.

In 2010, I formed my business Exultation Arts.

In 2012 I left my high-tech career to move more deeply into my artistic pursuits. I have no regrets.

Life is good!

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