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Your privacy is very important to me/Exultation Arts. This may not be the best approach to a Privacy Policy, but after reviewing several from online sources and attempting to use a service to create one, I concluded that it would serve us both to create an easily-read and easily-understood policy so that you will know how I use any data collected on this site.

So here is a plain-English version of what data is knowingly collected and how it is used intentionally.


  1. This website was developed with industry-standard products and services, the understanding of which is far beyond that of the average person (including me). Therefore, I must acknowledge that there may be things going on behind the scenes that are beyond the scope of this policy because I am unaware of them. I’ve done my best here to spell out what I do with your information and what I don’t do. If you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact me.
  2. Cookies may be utilized when folks browse this website to enhance the user experience. This is done automatically by the products and services used to create this website (GoDaddy hosting, WordPress, Astra Theme, Woo-Commerce, TutorLMS, Paypal, etc.) without my intentionally doing so.
  3. Your visit to and computer location are logged for analytical purposes (ie, for a count of visits and visitor locations).
  4. If you create an account to facilitate purchases and/or to enjoy streaming online videos on this site, the information you provide will be used to process payments, facilitate delivery of products, and/or create a unique video streaming account for you to use online courses if you choose to do so.
  5. With the exception of “Cash on Delivery,” all payments options are processed through Paypal Payment Processing Services, and your payment information is transmitted to them when you enter it for a purchase. Your credit card information is not saved/stored within the website.
  6. I send by email an “Almost Monthly Newsletter” detailing what’s going on with my business, arts, events and courses. You have the option of receiving the newsletter by indicating you would like to receive it through a signup at a show, through your account, or by communicating to me that you would like to receive it. You also have the option to stop receiving it at any time by opting out through the “unsubscribe” button on each newsletter; through your account (if you have one) and/or communicating this desire to me in an email or letter.
  7. If you place items in your cart without completing a purchase, the items are retained for approximately three (3) hours. After that, they should be released for sale to others and return visits should have an empty cart.
  8. Please also note that I do not buy email or mail lists to build my business, and I do not sell my own email or mail lists. I do provide a list of mailing addresses twice a year to the Sebastopol Center For The Arts in Sebastopol, CA, to allow for mailing of their twice-annual Open Studio events (Art at the Source and Art Trails).

This policy will be updated as time and circumstances change.

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